Wire - Play their unique show live in Bath

March 11th 2016
Bath, Komedia, UK


Wire still providing the power  

Wire first formed way back in 1976, and following a couple of breaks are still going strong now  with most of the original line up including lead singer Colin Newman. It's great how fourty years on the band are still taking the stage, and playing their music the way it sounds on the records.

Wire area band that I am aware of being a major influence on a lot of ther 90’s scene, most notably Sonic Youth, Lush and of they once sued Elastica for plagiarism... influence is one thing but it can go too far (Especially when I am a big Elastica fan and don't like the idea of them being sued).

Tonight show was firmly about their own music, to a small but enthusiastic crowd, that understand the brooding nature of their music and sound. These elements they lent to those bands I mentioned before such as Sonic Youth. I certainly enjoyed this, because it took me back to the Indie discos of my mis spent youth. Where I was surrounded by wailing feedback on a regular basis, and a whole lot of cider.

The sound goes from hypnotic at times, until the Punk numbers kick up to really up the tempo, the perfect mix for a band of such longstanding, a signature sound but played around the edges of it enough to give a varied set list which keeps you waiting for the next tune expectantly. 

Possibly the only criticism is that you could not understand the vocals, but that could be more to do with the mix from the venue and less of an issue when the bass is trying to rewire your inside.  It was has the Grunge sound but very British, bolshy but polite. They deserved more of a crowd as it was a great evening of a band still doing what they do well fourty years later. 

Review by Jon Cooper and Photo's by Steve Owens

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